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Development and Application of Bailey Film Detection Technology

Development and Application of Bailey Film Detection Technology


Due to the different service life of the Berea piece, the engineering conditions are different and the maintenance process is not standardized, its performance will be reduced to varying degrees. Any problem in the normal use of the process may cause a major safety accident in the entire structure. To this end, it is necessary to develop a Berea sheet performance detecting device for regulating its use and maintenance. The inspection system simulates the actual working conditions and provides a good basis for testing its performance.

For different test results, it is divided into the following three cases.

1. Normal use, for the new, second-new, and apparently no deformation of the appearance, the appearance quality of the surface conforms to the current national standards, and this type can be used normally.

2. Degraded use, for the appearance of basically no deformation or more than the allowable deformation, although the requirements are met after correction, but the "identification fingerprint" of any rod after the corrosion of the cross section reduced by 5% to 10% should be used.

3. Scrap, if the rod is injured, unstable, or has serious pitting, it should be scrapped. It is suitable for the development and application of the Berea film performance testing device for construction enterprises. It can quickly and conveniently test the mechanical properties of the used Berea tablets, eliminate the safety hazards of the use of Berea tablets, and improve the safety of the assembled structure.