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Introduction of Bailey Bridge

Introduction of Bailey Bridge


At the beginning of second World War, and engineering corps ,Who called Donald Coleman Bailey, invented a kind of bridge which used for setting up fast and convenient. After that bridge was named Bailey bridge. Now Bailey bridge is widely used in highway, railway and bridge. It's divided into two types: 321((CB)100-type)Bailey bridge and (CB)200 Bailey bridge.

Bailey bridge is standard bridge equipment, adopted extensively and the most popular in the world, possessing the features of simple structure, convenient transport, speedy erection and easy disassembling. While having the advantage of heavy loading capacity, great stability and long fatigue life being capable of an alternative span, long capacity and mixture form to erect all kinds and usage of temporary bridges, emergency bridges and fixed bridges. The bridge has the advantages of few components, light weight and low cost.

We have tow producing lines to manufacture CB100 and CB200 bailey bridge panel.
The surface disposal is painting, galvanized or anti-skid wearing such as a polyurethane bonded bauxite chip system or similar according the requirement.